• Morgan Creek Vineyards is a winery in Harpersville, Alabama, United States. Locally outstanding, it is one of eleven wineries in the state. Established in 2000 on an underlying 30 sections of land (12 ha), it started with a generation of 600 cases (7200 containers), that sold in 6 stores. In 2009, the winery created 15,000 cases, selling in 400 stores crosswise over Alabama and Mississippi, and extended its land by 85 sections of land (34 ha). It is controlled by Brammer family. 

    Morgan Creek produces "Southern wines, for example, muscadine, blueberry and apple, and a red wine called "Vulcan Red," named for the Vulcan statue in close-by Birmingham.

    Please visit the business of one of our regular supporters.

    181 Morgan Creek Ln, Harpersville, AL 35078, USA

    Be sure to check out this attraction too!


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